Rarotonga Dollars

In the summer holidays I went to Rarotonga and I got Rarotonga money.  It’s triangle shaped money.  Mr Fawcett said he had never seen any money like it before.  Rarotonga money is way different to New Zealand money.

By Nathan

Australia Photo Story

by MatSav

Can anyone tell us the name of the superhero on the left in the last photo? We know Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, but who is the woman with wings?

Made in Photo Story 3

Going to Australia Part 2

I have been in Australia for 6 days now. We flew with Emirates, they gave us a great backpack filled with free things to do. There were over a 100 movies to choose from to watch.

We went shopping the first day as it was raining. On the second day we went to Dreamworld and loved it. I went on the Tower of Terror, it was fun! There is a new ride called Moto-coaster, it has motorbikes and goes really fast. I went on the Runaway raptor rollercoaster about 7 times as the park was not busy. I got wet on the log ride.

The next day we went to Movieworld with my aussie cousins. I went on the Batman spaceshot ride and also the Batman Simulator and lots of other things. I loved the road runner roller coaster. I met Shrek, Scooby Doo characters, Wonder Woman, Sylvester, Cat woman and Batman.

I have been playing bratz a lot with my cousins. A street called “Savannah” is nearby, I will have my photo taken by it. It rained so much the first two days, it was the worst flood in Brisbane since 1974! They are officially no longer in a drought now so we have seen alot of the inside of shopping malls (not that I mind or Mum). I have got new clothes and toys.

by MatSav
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