40 000 Cake!

On the last day of term we had a cake to celebrate our forty thousandth visitor.  The cake was in the shape of a google map pin.


Room Niners – can someone write up a story to go with this please.  Email it to me or write it on the wiki and I’ll cut and paste it here.  Thanks.

Hope you’re all enjoying your holidays!

Mr F

Forty Thousand Visitors

Well, you did it!  Room 9 have now had 40 000 visitors.

40 000

It happened last Tuesday evening at 8:02:53pm and our 40 000th visitor came from….

40k jakartaJakarta in Indonesia.  Here it is in Google Maps

click for larger view

and here’s a view in Google Earth.

click for larger view

The city of Jakarta has about twice as many people living in it than the whole of New Zealand.

A big thank you to all our visitors, readers and commenters.  Well done everybody and keep those stories coming.

Cake all round later this week!

Mr F

Send a Postcard to Space

Hi Room 9, I hope you’re all enjoying your holidays.  I see that some of you have been on the wiki – well done!

I’m sure you all remember our visitor Eric Boe who came to school to tell us about space, NASA and the International Space Station (ISS).

Eric Boe and Mr F

Eric Boe and Mr F

There are a few astronauts on the ISS at the moment and one of them has a birthday.  Ask your parents first, but if you’d like to send a birthday card to Michael Barratt (in space) click on this link and follow the instructions.  Where it says “Type your city” I also added NZ so that he’d know it was from New Zealand.

I wonder if he’s having a birthday cake?

Mr F.

P.S 18 page views to go! [11:18pm, April 16]


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Mr F.

20 000 Blog Cake


Room 9 Celebrate


On Friday the 21st of November Room 9 had cake.  We had it to celebrate 20 000 page views on our blog from 2005 all the way up to 2008.


The Cake

The cake looks like a square world with countries and continents on.  There are red dots for some of the places where people live and have visited our Room 9 Blog.

Mr F lit the candles and then we sang “Happy Blog Day to Us”.  We all blew out the candles together.  Then we waited outside and Mr F served the cake through the window.  It was DELICIOUS!

by RobTyl

900g sugar
900g flour
900g butter
18 eggs
2.5kg of fondant icing
a lot of laughs